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Event:   Return to the Valley of the Spirits - Deer Creek Hills History Hike   
Start Date:   Sunday, April 30, 2017
Time:   9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Location:   Deer Creek Hills Preserve
Limit:   25 people
Deadline:   4/30/2017

There is a unique area of the Deer Creek Hills.  One that time has forgotten for truly thousands of years.   It was here that stories of the ancients were shared around campfires and sung around grinding holes.  It was here that shaman entered the underworld and carried out sacred ceremonies and rituals for the seasonal harvest, for hunting, for fertility.  We are told that even today ancient spirits emerge from the upturned shale slabs in this special valley.  They can sometimes be scene with an occasional glance.

Visit with them at Deer Creek Hills and learn how they lived and died (and still roam today).

This hike will be lead by David Scharlach, Lead History Docent for the Conservancy.  David has explored the preserve with state registered archeologists from two companies, Indian advocates and repeatedly with a nationally renown professor of Western and Native American history.  The CA State Indian Museum has used David as a training resource and he has been honored by appointment by the State Museum as an honorary Native American docent.  

Distance 5.5 Mile

Terrain: Easy to Moderate

Elevation Change: 250 feet

Bring: lunch or snack, water. Pictures are permitted, but for the preservation of the are, please no geotaging nor sharing photos on social media.

    Sorry, registration is now closed.


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Sacramento, CA 95816