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Event:   Upland Birding   
Start Date:   Saturday, February 24, 2018
Time:   7:45am - 1pm
Location:   Deer Creek Hills Preserve
Limit:   12 people
Deadline:   2/24/2018

Join experienced Deer Creek Hills docents for a visit to the open grasslands of Sacramento’s largest open space preserve. As development marches south these open expanses of grassland are disappearing and their preservation becoming more critical. Join us for a visit to this critical habitat of both resident and over-wintering birds.

Several resident Rock Wren pairs call this home and trill from the outcrops of Gopher Ridge Volcanics, resident Horned Larks and wintering Savannah Sparrows are numerous along an approximately 4 mile cross country (non-trail) walk through the dewy grass. Listen to the many voices of the boldly colored Western Meadow Lark and watch the coursing of the Northern Harrier a few feet above the grass tops.

A pause for a snack in a hidden canyon may reveal a Burrowing Owl bobbing atop the rocks, a Great Horned Owl hiding in a streamside Cottonwood, a Ferruginous Hawk waiting beside a rodent burrow, or a cagey Coyote observing our traverse. A pond underlain by the impervious rock usually hosts 3 or 4 species of waterfowl. And a visit to the edge of the Blue Oak canopy offers the potential for additional species.

Enjoy the peaceful setting as the docents carefully guide the group to minimize disturbance of the grazing cattle and lead you to the best places for observing the local residents. If the weather is mild we will pause to enjoy lunch and create the e-bird list for the day as we sit on the old barn foundation. We may even be blessed with a mid-day visit from a Bald or a Golden Eagle.

Wear warm clothing in muted earth-tone colors, to blend with the terrain, and sturdy boots for uneven surfaces. Birding scopes, binoculars and/or cameras, are highly recommended for any birding outing.

Meet at Eagle Camp Corral at 7:45 for an 8 am carpool to the Uplands. Attendees must pre-register online.

Space is limited.

Important Documents:

    Sorry, registration is now closed.


P.O. Box 163351
Sacramento, CA 95816