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Event:   Riparian Birding along Deer Creek   
Start Date:   Saturday, April 21, 2018
Time:   7:45am - 1pm
Location:   Deer Creek Hills Preserve
Limit:   12 people
Deadline:   4/21/2018

This is a rare opportunity to join our birding docents on a trip to the northern part of the preserve during spring migration. Lawrence’s Goldfinches adore this place and we often get the opportunity to observe them in close proximity. From our bird lists during mid-April:

Sparrows - Lark,Song, Lincoln’s, Golden-crowned, White-crowned and even Rufous-crowned

Warblers - Nashville, Orange-crowned, Yellow-rumped, Wilson’s

A variable assortment of raptors, Great Blue Heron and Great Egret often frequent the ponded area of Deer Creek near the north western border of the property.

Black Phoebe, Mourning Dove and Violet-green and Tree swallows as well as bathing Northern Rough Winged Swallows are common sights. Ash-throated Flycatchers and Western Kingbirds will have returned for the summer. Willow Flycatchers and Olive-sided Flycatchers have been seen on several outings along the creek here as well. Bullock’s Oriole, Western Tanager and Lazuli Bunting are all possible colorful additions.

Come join us for a visit to this less visited gem of Deer Creek Hills Preserve.

This is a 3 mile cross country trek, in medium to tall grass. Foxtails should not be a problem in April but wet morning grass is a possibility. Mute toned clothing please and no stark white. Bring your binoculars and scope. Docents will have at least one scope for the group. Bring water and a snack.

We will meet at the corner of Stonehouse and Latrobe Roads at 7:45am and carpool to DCH North at 8am. (Do not drive into the usual spot at Eagle Camp Corral.)

Attendees must pre-register online. Space is limited.

Important Documents:

    Sorry, registration is now closed.


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