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Event:   New Year's Equestrian Ride CANCELED   
Start Date:   Saturday, January 5, 2019
Time:   10am - 2pm
Location:   Deer Creek Hills Preserve
Limit:   20 people
Deadline:   1/5/2019

This event has been canceled due to weather conditions. 

New Year? More like Neigh Year!

Saddle up and join Sacramento Valley Conservancy for a New Year's ride at Deer Creek Hills!

Enjoy a Docent-led ride with your horse along cattle paths and ranch roads on this 4600+ acre working cattle ranch. This ride is through open country over a variety of terrain. Climbing and descending hills and creek crossing are involved and trail riding experience is highly recommended. Most groups are from 10-20 in size, and travel at a walk. Horses should be accustomed to riding in groups and in open fields.

SVC's goal is a safe and enjoyable outing for all. Helmets are optional though recommended for adult riders, but REQUIRED for riders 16 years old and younger - NO EXCEPTIONS.

In an effort to keep invasive onion grass out of the Preserve, we ask that you please bring pellets rather than hay to feed your horses during the trip.

Gates open at 10:00am - ride out at 11:00am. Saddle time approximately 2 1/2 hours.

Please Rate your riding ability when registering. Select the from one of the following;

    • Experience: Rider has limited horse and riding experiences.
    • You the rider: should understand basic horsemanship; tacking up and comfortable balanced seat.
    • Controlling the Horse: Rider can walk, turn and stop their horse.
    • Riding Environment: Rider can manage a basic flat trail, with limited obstacles.
    • Experience: Rider should have more experience than a Beginner rider.
    • You the rider: clearly understand Horsemanship practices; tacking up, well balanced seat, properly mount & dismount, unassisted.
    • Controlling the Horse: Rider can bring a horse to an emergency stop, bend, able to control horse at a walk, trot, backing a horse and keep a proper distance between riders.
    • Riding Environment: Rider can manage basic trails with more obstacles, creek crossings, small hill climbing and descending.
    • Experience: Rider should have more experience than a Novice rider.
    • You the rider: has a confident balanced seat and has ridden horses with different skill levels and training. Rider should also be able to recognize and resolve horse's physical signs of pinned ears, aggressive head shaking/bobbing, tail swishing, teeth bearing, jigging, popping up, uncontrolled backing or spinning, etc.
    • Riding Environment: Rider has the ability to handle more trail obstacles, creek crossings, climbing and descending hills at a quicker pace.
    • Controlling the Horse: Rider can control the horse in all movements at a walk ,trot, canter, etc.
    • Experience: Individual has more experience of an Intermediate rider. Rider has years of technical experience on and around horses as a trainer, horseman competitor, show riding and at event rides.
    • You the rider: can handle many difficult and unexpected situations, with confidence. Possesses a true independent balanced seat. Can mount and dismount of both sides of their horse, if need be. Has the ability to help other riders, if needed.
    • Controlling the Horse: Rider can control a horse at all times, in any circumstance. Rider knows how to safely navigate, maneuver or position their horse in group rides, if a situation calls for advance horsemanship.
    • Riding Environment: Ride has ability to handle all trail obstacles, creek crossings, climbing and descending hills at a quick and confident pace.


Space is limited to 20 attendees total and it will reach capacity. Sign-up online now! $20 registration fee helps SVC continue to host outings on the Preserve.

Ask about our $50 season pass or purchase one online (good through 2019) to support Open Space for all!

Questions: or call/text: 916-612-3719

Important Documents:

    Sorry, registration is now closed.


P.O. Box 163351
Sacramento, CA 95816