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Event:   Star Party   
Start Date:   Saturday, June 1, 2019
Time:   8:30pm-11:00pm
Location:   Deer Creek Hills Preserve
Limit:   15 people
Deadline:   6/1/2019

From a secure, dark ridgeline in Deer Creek Hills come journey past planets, globular star clusters, nebula, and galaxies on a stellar voyage of wondrous exploration. Armed with an electronically guided telescope, experienced SVC Docent and amateur astronomer of 45 years, David Scharlach, will be your captain.

On this night, we will have two passes of the International Space Station, which should be clearly visible as a bright satellite, Jupiter will be just rising, and the great globular cluster in Hercules (M13), the colorful Alberio double stars, and maybe even the spiral galaxy M51 will be seen. This is the darkest sky in Sacramento County!

Participants please bring chairs, blankets, hot chocolate, cookies, and other refreshments to share! Anyone who would like to bring their own scope is welcome to do so.

All events are subject to weather conditions. If there is rain projected, event will likely be canceled. Registered guests will be notified by Thursday evenings and the event will be labeled as canceled on the website.

Smoking is prohibited on the preserve.
No dogs allowed, except working service dogs.
Please practice Leave No Trace Ethics; Pack It In - Pack It Out.
Arrive at 8:30pm at the Eagle Corral to start your Deer Creek Hills experience. Event will end at 11pm.

Important Documents:

Please register for this outing below. SVC cannot guarantee the gates will be open, unless a reservation to attend is made in advance (minimum one week).

Additional questions please contact SVC staff at (916) 612-3719.

    Sorry, registration is now closed.


P.O. Box 163351
Sacramento, CA 95816