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Event:   Bufferlands Tones of Fall   
Start Date:   Saturday, November 9, 2019
Time:   9am - 12pm
Location:   Bufferlands
Limit:   None
Deadline:   11/9/2019

The Bufferlands encompasses more than 2,000 acres of wildlife habitat surrounding Sacramento's wastewater treatment plant. SVC holds a conservation easement on a portion and values our partnership with Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore the Bufferlands and learn more.

Tones of Fall

Each fall, the riparian forests and wetlands change colors from lush greens to the familiar shades of autumn. Many species of wildlife leave the area, while many others come into the valley to spend the winter. Come see and listen as biologists explain the physiological and ecological reasons behind these changes.

The meeting location is weather-dependent, so please contact Roger Jones at (916) 875-9174 or to confirm your reservation and meeting location. Please note, we can only take reservations the week preceding the event.

No Pets, Please! For all Bufferlands events, we respectfully request that you please leave your dogs and other pets at home.

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