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Donor List

2017 Donors

Assemblyman Ken Cooley, California State Assembly

Council Member Steve Hansen, City of Sacramento

Council Member Jeff Harris, City of Sacramento

Executive Assistant Yvette Cumberland, City of Sacramento

Supervisor Phil Serna, Sacramento County

Companies/ Organizations/ Foundations

5G Consulting Group, LLC
AIM Consulting
Amador Olive Oil Company
American Conservation Experience
American River Flood Control
Ascent Environmental
Baker-Williams Engineering Group
Bar R Angus Ranch
Bender Rosenthal, Inc.
Blanton Ranch
BMW Consulting
Boeger Winery
Buada Associates, Inc
The Sacramento Region Community Foundation
California Rice Commission
California State Assembly
Capitol Advocacy LLC
Capitol Garage
Capitol Office, Room 5144
cbec eco engineering
Circle Ranch LLC
City of Sacramento
Colliers International
Community Business Bank
Community Development Dept.
Crosbie Real Estate
Cushman & Wakefield of California, Inc.
Dept. of Recreation & Leisure Studies
Dutra Appraisal Service
Ellison Schneider Harris & Donlan LLP
Fari Oaks Rec. & Parks District
FLOW Standup Paddle Board
Gaines Ranch
Geyer Associates Inc.
Graichen Consulting
H.T. Harvey & Associates
Hedgerow Farms
Hefner Law
Holderness Law Firm
Intergenerational Daycare
International Dark-Sky Association
Joe Yeung Farms, Inc
John O'Farrell and Associates
Juniper Ridge, LLC
Kester Pahos
Key Club of Rancho Murieta
Kinetegy, Inc.
KKN, Inc.
Lennihan Law
Leonardo DaVinci Elementary
Light Rail & Transit Advocates
Madrone Ecological Consutling, LLC
Mitchell Chadwick LLP
Murphy Austin Adams Schoenfeld LLP
New Economics & Advisory
North Sacramento Chamber of Commerce
North Sacramento Land Company
Parker Development Company
PG&E / Public Affairs
Potter-Taylor and Company
Public Policy Institute of California
Quail Ridge Wilderness Conservancy
RB International
Remy Moose Manley, LLP
Richland Planned Communities, Inc.
River City Bank
River View Financial
Riverside Consulting
Rock Systems, Inc
Rose Colored Glass Company
Sacramento Audubon Society
Sacramento County Board of Supervisors
Sacramento Horseman's Assn.
Sacramento Splash
Sacramento Tree Foundation
Sobon Wines
Somach Simmons & Dunn
Teichert Aggregates
The Bell Trust
The California Endowment
The Dangermond Group
The Dianne Bettis Revocable Inter Vivos Trust
The Heller Company
Tiessen Waegell Ranch
Van Vleck Ranching and Resources, Inc.
Vista Properties
Vulcan Materials Company, West Region
Wellspring Women's Center
Westervelt Ecological Services
Winterport Farm
Wood Rodgers Inc


Bruce and Susan Abate Kilday

Elizabeth Abbey

Gayle Abbott

David and Carol Abelson

Lucie Adams and Craig Wilson

Dan Airola and Angie Raygani

Christinia and Jeremy Offenstein Aldrich

John Alexander

Tony Alexander

James Allison

Margarita Altamirano

Clifford Anderson and Virginia Volk-Anderson

Cheri & Lee Anderson

Fred and Julie Andrews

Melissa Andrychowicz

Michael Angeles

Dash Antel

Judith Argall Dalziel

Barbara and Bill Armstrong

Marian Ashe and Richard Van Curen

Peter and April Austin

George and Diana Babcock

Carolyn Bahl

Darlene Baker

Tom Baldwin

Susan Ball

Misty Baptista and Zak Kanouse

Paul Barth and Teresa Cheung

Wendy Baty

Katie and Noah Baygell

Chris and Carrie Beale

Matthew Beals

Jon and Paula Beck

Betty Becker

Seth Bell

Katherine Bennett and John Luther

Peggy Berry

Elaine Bickford

Jessica Birch

Natalia "Tal" and Bill Blackburn

James R. Blackmarr

Gregory Blair and Dana Miller-Blair

Dennis Blegen

Steven Bloxham

Amanda Bohl

Robert and Jean Bonar

Nick and Lori Bonsignore

Ira Borin

Madelyn Bourgoujian

Rory Boyce

Brian and Susan Boyd

Kathy Bradshaw and Rosalie Yacoub

Roger and Joanne Brandt

William Brazelton

Peggy Briggs and Doug Thompson

Janis Briggs

John Briggs

Wendy Bright

Shelly Bromberg

Brian and Amanda Broumas

Warren Brouwer

Sheldon Brown and Tsend Manibadar

Corey and Marquerite Brown

William Brown

Frank Bruno

Dennis and Meg Bryerton

Larisa Bryski

Erin Bucknell

Gerre Buehler

Donald and Susan Burchard

Jesse and Kathleen Burdick

Paulette Burgess

Rob and Maureen Burness

Michael and Denise Burns

Tom and Janice Burns

David and Theresa Bushey

Margaret Buss

Cari Butler

Richard Cable

A. Colin and Michelle Cameron

Ann Carberry

Sue Carriere

Brandon Carter

Cynthia Cavanaugh

Carolyn and Brian Chamberlain

William and Roseanne Chamberlain

Li Hon Chang

Fred and Susan Chapman

Lucy Christensen and Patrick Talbott

Cinda Christensen

Lori Christensen

Sean Clancy and Amy Watson Clancy

Philip and Stephanie Clar

Gerry Clark

Dale and Jeannie Claypoole

Alexandra Clifton

Richard Clowdus

Bernard Cody

Barbara Colton

Chris Conard and Kimya Lambert

Joe Concannon

Marcia Cooper

Dennis Corelis and Jeanlaurie Ainsworth

Michael F. Corlew

Gisele and Clifford Corrie

Lisa, Chris and Samantha Couper

Jon Courtway

Dorothy Cousins

David and Judy Covin

Joanne Cox

Cheryl Creson

Carol Crofoot

Richard Crow

Jeanne Cunningham

Gay Currier

Kathleen and Ross Curtaz

Jamie Cutlip

Helen Dadmehr

Elmo Kevin Daley

Mark and Barbara Daugherty

Nita Davidson

Sarah Davis

Sally Day

Martin and Cindy Dean

Anne & Tom DeCicco

Erik Dekok

Darien DeLu

Winifred Detwiler

Heather and Rueben Diaz

JoAnn Dick

Roger and Marjorie Dickinson

Carol Dirksen

Cindy Domasky

Rob and Angela Donlan

Bob and Stacey Dreizler

Donna Drummond

Joel and Beth DuBois

Catherine Dunwoody and Ed Westbrook

Bill and Diane Durston

Connie Eaton

Richard and Louise Einspahr

Christopher Elliott and Marty Twitchell

Madison Elliott

Jeffrey Ennis

Eugene Erbin and Donna Freeman

Kim Erickson

Malcolm and Denette Ettin

Andrea Eubanks

Steve Evans

Julie Evens

Gilmer C. Ewing

Tyler and Leslie Exter

Jo Ann Fare Miller

Robin and Jeff Fine

Gail and Bill Fiock

M. Daniel and Carla Flamm

Debra Flashman

Dana Fleming

Jean Fleury

Mary Louise Flint

Lara Flynn

L. Kalei Fong

Mabel Fong

Karen Fontaine

Judith Ford

Nancy and Thomas Fossey

Susan and Curtis Fossum

Charlotte Foust

Bill and Nancy Fox

Eric Franks

Lynn Franks

Don and Carol Fraser

Elsie Freeman

Dwight and Joann Freund

Elizabeth Friend

Marcia and Ken Fritz

Lani Fuzessery

Carole Gates

Patricia Gayman

William Gengler

Marjorie Gessner

Danielle Ghiringhelli

James Gholson & Annie Wickham

Cassie Gilson and Loren Kaye

Elizabeth Gloster

Keith and Abby Golden

Larry and Laurie Goldman

AnaMaria and Carmen Gomez

Nancy Goodrich and Robert Bassett

Susan Goodrich

Dan and Joan Gorfain

Stephen and Roberta Gould

David and Jan Graber

Morrison and Diane Graf

Pat Grant

Charles and Carol Gray

Deanna Grechosey

Patricia Greco

Carol Greenwood and Kevin Coyle

Jane Greif

Elizabeth and Al Gress

Jennifer Griffin

Eugene and Dorothy Gualco

Jeffrey and Debbie Gualco

A. R. Gutowsky

Jim and Kathy Haagen-Smit

Kathy Haberman

Jane and Jim Hagedorn

Bruce Hagel and Debra Price

Pamela and Wilbur Haines

Diane Halcomb and Jim Wendt

William and Sandra Haley

Barbara Hall

Peter and Ann Hall

Karen Hamilton

Pamela Hanback

Helen and Ben Hancock

Mike and Mary Handel

Robert and Virginia Hankins

Jonathan Hargreaves

Margaret Harkness

W. Edward Harper

Claudia and James Harrison

Mary Sue Hart and Charles Hart Jr

Gary and Cary Hart

Jill Hartnell & Kevin McConnen

Dennis and Cindy Harvey

Dave Harzoff

James Hayes and Catherine Keig

Eileen Heaser

Sarah Heffner and Jason Neilson

Harold and Lynda Heigho

Mark Heija

Cherri Heinze and Keith Schlinger

Dave Heitmann

Martin Helmke and Joan Frye Williams

Beth Hendrickson

Bob Henley

Maureen Hennessy

Janis Heple

David Herbert

Andy and Sarah Hernandez

Kat Herrington-Taylor

Albert Hertado

Donald Hess

Barbara Heyward

Elaine Hill

Norman Hill

Kathy Hillesland

Malaika Hill-Jones

Helen Hobart

Kyndell Hobson

Lynne Holden

Julian and Diane Holt

Diane Hopkins

Kelly and Chris Hopkins

Robert Horowitz

Rosemary Hoskinson and Robert Stuart

Patricia Howarth

Greg Hoyt and Debbie Casagrande

Cheri Huber

Andrew Hudnut

Jeana and Larry Hultquist

James Hurley

Tom Hutchings

Marti Ikehara

David and Nancy Illig

Mark Imbriani

Steve Isaaces

Phillip and Marilyn Isenberg

Linda Iwasa

Gordon Jack

Owen Jackman

Jane S. Jackson

Al and Christie Jahns

Chris Jakle and Cindy Dunning

Allen Jamieson

Mats Jansson

Ronald Javor

Russ and Karen Jelsma

Jeffrey Jennings

Mary Jess Wilson

Kate and Craig Johns

Cristopher Johnson

Dave and Sandy Johnson

Joey Johnson

John C and DeeDee Johnson

Renner and Julia Lave Johnston

David Jones

James and Nancy Joye

Steven Kaiser and Carol Nyman

Jeffrey Kastroll

Jacqueline Kaufmann

Michael Keesee and Mignon Marks

Laura Keister

John Keith

Dan and Lyn Keller

Bruce and Peggy Kennedy

Eileen Kennedy

Robin Kent

Rob and Tracy Kerth

Terrie Kerth

Wil and Barbara King

Emmeline Kiyan

Dave Thomas and Linda Klein

Betty Kniffen

Howard Knudsen

Don Knutson

Alan W. Koppes

Kenneth and Jane Krick

Charles and Elizabeth Kuehner

Natalie and Mikhail Kuffel

Carolyn and Les Kuhnz

Edye and Rick Kuyper

Philip and Mary Laing

Jude Lamare and Jim Pachl

Celeste Lane

Judith and Mel Lane

Joan Larson

Debbie Lawler

Dixie Laws & Tom Kuhtz

Bridget Laws

Bernice Lee

Kate Lenox

Stephanie Levenhagen

Mark Stacia Levy, MD

Jonas Libell

Robert Lipman

Gregory Littell

Bea Little and Herb Freeman

Grace Liu

George and Nannette Lloyd

Jeremy Loeb

Mark and Joan Loebel

Tony Loftin

Kari Lokke

Melanie Loo

Romulo and Roseanne Lopez

Darryl Lucien

Debby and Mark Ludwig

Allen and Linda Luger

Peter Lund

Jeanette Luttman

Susan Lyon and Sarah Phelan

Richard MacGill

Ian and Jenn MacLeod

Pete MacRostie

Ron Maertz and Nancy Cornelius

Dolores Maher

Thomas Manning

Irving and Liz Marcus

Margaret Marvin

Marty Maskall

Shelley Mathews

Brian and Nancy Matson

Mark Mayfield

Maria Mazzier

Len McCandliss

Susan McClatchy

Joan and Phil McDonald

Colin McGreal

George McKamy

Michael McKee

Henry McNeely

M. Kevin McRae CPA

Robert and Anne Meagher

John and Linda Meeker

Dan Meier

Linda Melching

Merchandise Sales

George and Carolyn Meyer

Marin and Michael Meza

Susan Middleton

Tony and Joyce Mihanovich

Brenda Miller

Mimi and Burnett Miller

Nancy Miller

Melva Mills

Patricia Jean Minor

Alexander Mitchell

Diane andf Jeff Mitchell

Jerry and Eleanor Mitchell

Chris Moffitt

Laura and Brian Monahan

Carla Monday

John Moore

Lisa Moraga

James and Kathy Moroney

Melissa Mourkas

Kim Mueller

Ken and Lorraine Mullins

Brendan Murphy and Kate E. Tharp

L K (Smokey) Murphy

Lisa Murphy

Michelle Murphy

Nancee Murray

Nancy and William E. Myers

Eric Nagy

John and Ursula Neil

Ray Nelson

Cynthia Neuman and Richard Rawson

Patrick and Lindsay Nevis

Katherine Newman and David H. Bell

Linh Nguyen

Roger and Mary Niello

Sharon and George Nittka

Sherita and Kevin Normington

Bob and Becky Norris

Larry and Joanne North

Maggie Nunes

Stuart Nussbaum

Pamela and Robert Nycum

Harry Oakes

Sarah O'Gara

Loreen O'Hare-Hall

D. Christine Olsen

Brian and Sondra Olson

Paul O'Neil and Sally Flory-O'Neil

Karen Orso

David Oshima

Robert Overstreet

Rebecca Palmer

Maureen Pascoe

Sharon Patrician

James and Marilyn Pearce

Trish Pease

Suzanne and Ron Pecci

Molly Penberth and Stuart Baker

Terry Perham

JoAnn and Richard Peter

Becky Peterson

Peter and Michelle Petro

Dennis and Gail Philippart

Stan Phillippe

David Phillips

Valerie Phillips

Bert and Ruth Pierroz

Jacob Place

Lauren Poage

Arlyne Pollett

Carla and Michael Pollock

Ann Porten

David and Susan Post

Anthony Powers and Cecilia Sullivan-Powers

Katherine Provenzano

Robin L. Purdy and Lynn Patten

Kelli Quan-Martin

Michael and Cherie Rainforth

Ruth Ramer

Michael and Marie Ranta

Mark and Simone Rathe

Colene & Ted Rauh

Eugene Reames

Denise Redden

Nancy Reitz

Joan Renne

Erin Reschke & Kevin Ziemke

Dave and Gretchen Rhodes

Val Riazi

Suzette Riddle and Tim Davis

Ted Rieger

John and Tricia Riehl

Terry and Melinda Rivasplata

Rhonda and Doug Robins

Jennifer Robinson

Mary Ann Robinson

Jason and Amy Rogers

Sara Rogers

Patrick Romano and Allyson Sage

Lynda Roper & Joe Ayala

Donald Rose

Ann and Michael Rothschild

Anne Rudin

Jere Rutter

Lynn Sadler and Steve Braford

Mouang Saechao

Carl and Monique Salmonsen

Ken Sanchez

Pamela Sanchez

Jim and Claudia Sandberg-Larsen

Beverly Sandeen and Marty Swingle

David Sanders

Garry and Flora Saperstein

Timothy Sapunor

Eric Saur

David and Patricia Scharlach

Eric and Ginger Schlavin

Merilee Schneider

Leslie Schuman

Roger S. Scott

John Sedleniek

Amanda Seigle

Deborah Seiler and James L. Hodges

Paul and Patty Selsky

Jim and Joyce Seubert

Lynn Shapiro

Carol Shearly

Sherry Sherry and Kathryn Griffin

Kathryn Shurtleff and Michael Smith

Mary Siceloff

Dan Siegel and Marianne O'Malley

Cleatta Simpson

John and Mary Simpson

Nancy Simpson

Philip Simpson

George and Linda Sims

Bob and Robyn Slakey

Tom and Marion Slakey

Cheryl and Rick Slama

Bob and Diana Slater

William Slaton and (Margaret) Kent Newton

Chris Smith and Julie Smith-Heck

Antony Smith

Kira Smith

Michael Smith

Roger and Barbara Smith

Hedda Smithson

Stuart Snider

Jon and Susan Snyder

Kathleen Snyder

Jeff Soesbe and Charlotte Newcomb

Sonja Sorbo

Olive Spilsbury

Randall Spitze

John and Dianne Stafford

Tom and Meg Stallard

Bob Stanley and Joyce Hsiao

Rebecca Starr

Laurence Stearns

Dorothy Steed

Kim and Jonelle Stenson

Julie Stevens

Michelle Stevens

Alana Stickney

Susan Strand

Mary Jo and Jim Streng

Sarah Sugar and Colin Brown

Worth and Janet Summers

Bob and Sue Summersett

Susan Sundell

Ron and Patty Suter

Harvey and Jane Swenson

Ramona and Kirk Swenson

Jane Taylor

Bill Templin

Harold Thomas and Kathleen Les

Bill Thomas and Pat Thaler

Bob Thompson

Edward Parker Thompson, Jr.

Margie Tomenko

Laura Tonner

Chris and Nancy Tooker

Cathe Torgerson

Fred and Nelly Tracy

Michael Trainor

Ray and Judy Tretheway

Suzanne Trimble

Dick Troy

Del and Alta Tura

Chris Unkel

Mark Urban and Terri Friedman

Jeff Utberg

Frank and Dolores Valls

J.R. Van Camp

Matthew Van Donsel

Wim Van Warmerdam

Jim VanEck

Lorraine VanKekerix

Melinda Vaughn and Jeff Molander

Timothy Vendlinski

Diana Viducich

Chris Voldseth

Clifford and Jacquelyn Vose

Robert Waldo

Carol Wallisch

John and Mary Louise Walter

Wendy Wang

Summer Ward

John Warren and Silvana Volpe

Jane Warren-Trudeau

Barry Wasserman and Judith Michalowski

A.J. and Susana Watson

Nancy Weagly

Christine Weinstein

Robert Wendel, M.D.

Susan Westerberg Prager and Jim Prager

Lindsay Weston

Howard Whitaker

Laurine White

Stephen J. White

Muriel Whiteley

Keith Whitener

Barbara Wiesner

Joel Wiley

Charlie and Joan Willard

Dick Williams

Terri Williams

Donna Williamson Chipps

Joyce Willow

Luke Wilson

Wendy Wilson

Evan and Bobbie Winn

Leo and Brenda Winternitz

Karin Winters

Diane Wolfe

Frank Wolfe

Nancy Woodward

Dale Wrigglesworth

David Wright and Susan Jones

Lois Wright

Carol and Bill Yeates

Don and Gloria Yost

Duncan Young

O. H. Fifi Zeff

Eric Zeller

Jill Zenti

Carina Zevely

Jay and Carri Ziegler

Bruce and Linda Zike

Timothy Zindel

P.O. Box 163351
Sacramento, CA 95816