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ingredient to success

Ingredient to Success—Our Members

Through the support of our loyal members and institutional and corporate supporters (like you!), the Conservancy grows every day to meet our community’s current regional needs to save land for future generations to enjoy.  The Conservancy was founded with a nine-member Board of Trustees and no staff.  Today, the organization operates with six staff members, a thirteen-member board of trustees, a twenty-five member advisory board, and 1500 annual community donors. The Conservancy’s first land acquisition project was a half-acre and its latest purchase was 1682 acres.  During its first five years, the Conservancy completed only two land transactions.  Over the course of the next 13 years, the Conservancy completed 25 land transactions, and raised over $27 million in land acquisition funds. The Conservancy’s average land transaction takes over one year to complete.  Some transactions take as long as three to seven years to come to fruition.  Every successful Conservancy project has involved at least three funding partners.  The recent Elkhorn Basin Ranch Project included 7 funding partners and the Deer Creek Hills Preserve project, completed in 2003, involved over 15 institutional funding partners (both public and private), and over 300 community donors.  In 2003, the Conservancy was named the best small non-profit in the six-county capital region. 

The Conservancy currently has over five projects pending on approximately 1500 acres of additional land.  We take care of and monitor almost 10,000 acres of land, working hard to steward our special places for all to enjoy.  We simply cannot continue operating and accomplishing our mission without our loyal community support and new supporters who join us every day.  Thank you for being interested in our mission!
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Sacramento, CA 95816