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    Event Logistics

    Selling or Providing AlcoholCharging Guests to AttendAdvertising to General PublicSale of Goods / VendorsOpen Flame (bbq or campfire)Hiring SecurityCommercial FilmingUse of Machinery / VehiclesGuests Can Bring AlcoholAmplified Sound (speakers)Open to Day of Event Walk-insOvernight (10pm - 8am) / campingBringing Live AnimalsBounce House / InflatablesClose Property to the PublicSetting Up Structures / StageOther

    Additional Instructions

    There is a $75 processing fee for all license agreements. Payment can be made online here, or by mailing a check to “Sacramento Valley Conservancy, Attn: License Agreement, PO Box 163351, Sacramento CA 95816.”

    Please email a map showing the areas of the property you would like to use with proposed setup labeled, a copy of the educational/interpretive curriculum for the event, and a copy of the organizer’s Drivers License or government-issued ID card. Allow up to 4 weeks for processing.  Please email all additional information to

    Approved applicants will also need to submit:

    • Certificate of Liability Insurance in the form of an Acord and Endorsement (details here)
    • Your risk management/safety protocol or training requirements for event leaders
    • A copy of the Pending Reservation email from WebReserv (for events at Camp Pollock only)
    • Event and amplified sound schedule (at least 60 days prior to the event)
    • ABC Permit (if applicable) 7 to 14 days prior to the event
    • Signed Compliance Review 10 days prior to Camp Pollock events (SVC will forward to you)
    • Signed License Agreement (for large or recurring events, SVC will draft and forward to you)
    • Fire Marshal Approval and/or CalFire Burn Permit, if required (no fires at Deer Creek Hills)
    • Any other required government permits or permissions needed to conduct your proposed activity (such as commercial filming, operating a bounce house, vending in the Parkway, etc.)


    Camp Pollock is owned by the California State Lands Commission and managed by the Sacramento Valley Conservancy. All events and activities at Camp Pollock must be in compliance with the American River Parkway Plan. The Parkway Plan states – 5.5 Group overnight camping shall be limited to organized educational groups and youth groups, who have an educational or interpretive interest in the Parkway and its resources. Deer Creek Hills is only open to the public when SVC Staff or authorized personnel are on the property. There is no electricity or running water available. Porta-potty charges may apply. Shooting, hunting, fishing, mining, fires, and other activities that could damage or remove natural resources from Deer Creek Hills are strictly prohibited.

    The authorization to use SVC properties is a revocable license. Unless special arrangements are made in writing for the exclusive use of space and/or facilities, the license is nonexclusive. You must contact SVC at 916-731-8798 at least 3 months in advance of any of the following proposed uses to make appropriate arrangements: exclusive uses; events that will be open to the public; multiple event uses; or large groups uses (300 or more people). The submission of a written application and the execution of a written license agreement will be required to authorize any such uses of an SVC property.

    Camp Pollock reservations and payments must be made online at or through the reservation tab in the Camp Pollock section of No checks or cash payments accepted, credit card only. Fees are reviewed and revised annually. Current rates will be listed online. Users must agree to the Terms & Conditions on SVC’s website and WebReserv.

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