Join supporters, community based organizations, public agencies and local businesses as we embark on a mission to improve educational programs and signage at Camp Pollock. Your sponsorship of an interpretive sign will create a lasting legacy for your company, community group, family, or organization. There are many sign topics to choose from, and varying levels of support with recognition benefits. View the Camp Pollock Interpretive Sign slide deck to view existing and proposed sign panels.

Scroll down to complete your sponsorship, or mail a check along with this
printable pdf of the Camp Pollock Interpretive Sign Sponsor Sheet

Camp Pollock is located in the heart of the Lower American River Parkway, just north of downtown Sacramento. The Sacramento Valley Conservancy (SVC) has been managing and revitalizing the 11-acre riverfront site since 2013. The beautiful property is open to the general public every day from sunrise to sunset, with free parking and river access.

More than 1,700 youth visit the property through 40 educational field trips and campouts each year. Camp Pollock annually hosts more than 150 events and 7,000 visitors for day-camps, trainings, concerts, volunteer projects, family gatherings, youth campouts, cultural ceremonies, fitness events and much more.

Installed Interpretive Panels

  1. Bioswales
  2. Rain Garden
  3. Harvesting Rainwater
  4. Riparian Ecosystem
  5. CA Native Garden
  6. Plants for Pollinators
  7. Beneficial Insects
  8. Hedgerow Habitat
  9. Tracks and Scat
  10. Riparian Trees
  11. Lower American River
  12. Mulch Matters
  13. Property History

Comin Soon!
14. Phytoremediation
15. Fish of the American River
16. Historic Orchard

Sponsorship Opportunities

* Indigenous Inhabitants
* Composting
* Efficient Irrigation
* Dangerous Plants
* Riparian Mammals
* Riparian Birds
* Migration Rest Stop

Thank you to the generous sponsors who have made the interpretive signs possible!
Create your legacy. Sponsor one of the remaining sign topics.

  Sacramento Valley Conservancy is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.
Federal Tax ID # 68-0256214

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