Dedicate a Picnic Table

memorial picnic table with plaque on gravel

Dedicate a picnic table in honor of a loved one

Your gift or memorial table will be placed in a beautiful outdoor setting at Camp Pollock or Deer Creek Hills Preserve (your choice) and provide a resting / picnicking location for visitors. Tables are made from 3000 milk jugs, recycled HDPE plastic, impervious to water, rot, and mold. Non-leach and safe for aquatic areas and maintenance-free.

$2,200 includes tax, shipping, assembly, and up to four lines of customized text on a bronze plaque. An optional private visit for a dedication event (2-hour max) can be added on for an additional $200. Otherwise, you are welcome to visit the table anytime during the property’s regular public open hours.

Payment can be made by check, online or by calling (916) 731-8798. Please make checks payable to Sacramento Valley Conservancy and complete the printable table dedication order form.

Memorial table with photo of Ryan Allen Davison 8-18-95 to 6-15-17 never let the music die. Love ya Ry Ry!
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