Event Documents

Adult Release of Liability

Adult Release of Liability form required for all SVC outings and events.

Minor Release of Liability 

Minor Release of Liability should be used for all youth outings. This form is for all Youth, Education and Stewardship (YES) outings. Each participant or, if a minor (under 18 years of age), then a parent/legal guardian must sign.

Insurance Requirements

Coverage limits for a special event, license agreement, rental, or campout at Camp Pollock or Deer Creek Hills

Special Event Application PDF  |  Online Fillable Form

Application for a special event, camping, or license agreement

Outing & Educational Flyers

Fall Hike Bingo Cards
Birds in Nature Hikes
Woodland Therapy Yoga Hikes
Natural History Hikes
Self-Guided Hiking
Equestrian Rides
SVC Events and Outings Trifold

Sacramento Valley Conservancy Events and Outings Trifold contains general information about events, outings and volunteer opportunities at Camp Pollock and Deer Creek Hills.

Deer Creek Hills Preserve Directions

Directions to Deer Creek Hills Preserve.

Natural Resources and Trail Information

Deer Creek Hills Bird Checklist
Onion Grass Brochure
Learn to identify this invasive plant and help us keep it off our nature preserves.
Deer Creek Hills Wildlife Fact Sheet
Geologic Map Deer Creek Hills
Historic Mining Near Deer Creek Hills
Sacramento Tree Foundation’s Guide to Sacramento Oaks
Fault Map Deer Creek Hils
Working Landscapes: the Environmental Benefits of Grazing

DVD by Nevada County Resource Conservation District

Latrobe Fire – Press Release 
Added 7/28/2017
Latrobe and Largo Fire Press Release
Added 8/25/2017

Camp Pollock

Directions to Camp Pollock
Directions to Camp Pollock with area maps, address, directions from different areas and Cycling directions.

Camping Application 
All groups wishing to camp overnight at Camp Pollock must first complete the camping application. Please return to SVC completed. Instructions on page 2 of application. Group overnight camping is limited to organized educational groups and youth groups, who have an educational or interpretive interest in the Parkway and its resources.

Camp Pollock Rental FAQ
List of frequently asked questions about renting Camp Pollock.

Sample Acord and Endorsement Form
These samples show the format that is required for renters or partners using SVC managed or owned properties. Sample is an Acord form (p.1) with an Endorsement (p.2).

Renter Check-out Checklist
As a no-host site, facility renters are responsible for cleaning up after their events. Failure to remove items from the property may result in forfeiture of security deposit. Please practice Leave No Trace and keep this historic site safe and clean for all visitors.

Docent Training Documents

Docent-Guided Outing Scheduling Request Form
DCH General Guest Rules
Event Protocol
DCH Docent Job Description
DCH Lead Docent Job Description
Camp Pollock Docent Job Description
Camp Pollock Lead Docent Job Description
Organization History
Docent and Partner Policies
MTB Policies at Deer Creek Hills
MTB Event Protocol at Deer Creek Hills
MTB Guest Biking Rules at Deer Creek Hills Presserve (2024)
General Policies for SVC Docents_(2024)

Horizons Seasonal Newsletters

2024 – Summer |
2023 – Spring | Winter
2022 – Spring | Fall
2021 – Spring | Winter
2020 – Spring | Fall
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2005 – Spring | Fall

Deer Creek Hills Master Plan

CEQA Review of Master Plan – Status

Link to County Department of Environmental Review

Notice of Preparation of the Environmental Impact Report
Deer Creek Hills Master Plan
Appendix 1: DCH Partners MOU
Appendix 2: Glossary
Appendix 3: Resource Descriptions
Appendix 4: Public Comments
Appendix 5: Grazing Management
Figure 2.1 DCH Management Plan: Preserve Ownership Map
Figure 2.2 DCH Management Plan: Regional Location Map
Figure 2.3 DCH Management Plan: CAPP Area Map (060331)
Figure 2.3 DCH Management Plan: CAPP Area Map (060511)
Figure 2.4 DCH Management Plan: Williamson Act Property Map
Figure 2.5 DCH Management Plan: Preserve Area Topography Map
Figure 2.6 DCH Management Plan: Generalized Geology Map
Figure 2.7 DCH Management Plan: Slope Map
Figure 2.8 DCH Management Plan: Soils Map
Figure 2.9 DCH Management Plan: Hydrology Map
Figure 2.10 DCH Management Plan: Regional Vegetation Map
Figure 2.11 DCH Management Plan: Preserve Vegetation Map
Figure 2.12 DCH Management Plan: Grazing Fields Map
Figure 2.13 DCH Management Plan: Constraints Map
Figure 4.2 DCH Master Plan:Management Plan
Figure 5.1 DCH Phase II Proposed Actions Management Plan
Figure 5.2 DCH Management Plan:Concept Plan Southwest Area Detail (070314)
Figure 5.2 DCH Management Plan: Phase II Concept Plan Southwest Area Detail (060510)

Workshop Documents

Deer Creek Hills Oak Woodland & Rangeland Stewardship Program & Master Plan


A Public Outreach Process on the Importance of Oak Woodlands and Working Landscapes on Both Public & Private Lands and the Deer Creek Hills Master Plan

Powerpoint Presentation

Blue Oak Woodland Fact Sheets

Handout #1

Blue Oak Woodland Management

Handout #2

Blue Oak Scientific Values

Handout #3

Blue Oak Woodland Importance to Domestic Livestock and Wildlife

Handout #4

Blue Oak Woodland Wildlife

Handout #5

Blue Oak Woodland Plants

Handout #6

California Oak Woodlands Conservation Program

Handout #7

Supportive Agencies and Organizations

Handout #8

Blue Oak Woodland Birds

Handout #9

Sloughhouse Inn Workshop January 29th, 2005

Comments/Opinions/Responses to Planning Process Overview

Rancho Murieta Public Workshop Notes February 1st, 2005

Questions, Issues, and Opportunities

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