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treasures of the valley virtual film series on farms and nature

The importance of preserving beautiful, natural spaces—for our personal health and enjoyment and for the long-term health of our communities and planet—is clearer than ever. During this difficult year the Sacramento Valley Conservancy has never been prouder of the work we do. From the many people who were able to de-stress through a visit to Deer Creek Hills to hike, bike, or just enjoy a relaxing day in nature, to the critical work we’re doing preserving vernal pools and family farms, we know that conservation on an even larger scale will be imperative to our region’s future.

Like many non-profits, COVID-19 is forcing us to forgo our chance to say thank you for your support in person at our annual Treasures of the Valley event. Like us, we suspect most of you are “Zoomed out,” so rather than move this important fundraising event online, we’ve decided to use the funds we would otherwise use putting on the live event to further our educational mission by producing a new educational film series. We’ve teamed up with the talented KJ2 Productions team to capture some of the valley’s most treasured places. These short films will highlight the wildlife, food, farmers, recreation and horizons that are unique to our beautiful and bountiful Sacramento Valley, and we hope they will be an important teaching and educational tool for children and adults alike. These films will be available for free access online and live on in perpetuity and posted on social media, SVC’s website, YouTube, as well as available for sponsors to share.

This year please consider sponsoring our short educational films in lieu of our traditional Treasures of the Valley event. We count on the funds raised at Treasures, and this year through film sponsorship, to support our ongoing conservation work. We hope you will consider a film sponsorship to ensure the Sacramento Valley Conservancy can continue our important work to safeguard our region’s unique natural environment.

Your film sponsorship will provide vital support to SVC’s mission and help bring environmental education into thousands of homes. Each of the films will showcase a different protected property and provide a unique connection to the land. Please consider showing your support for local farms, hiking trails, and wildlife habitat by sponsoring the film that means the most to you.

More information and sponsorship options.

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