New Film! SVC’s Elkhorn Basin Ranch

As you may remember, in fall 2020 in lieu of our traditional Treasures of the Valley fundraising event, the Sacramento Valley Conservancy shifted community outreach efforts toward creating an educational film series. Production and editing took a bit longer than anticipated, but it is finally time to share the first video!

Welcome to Elkhorn Basin Ranch. Just across the river from the Sacramento International Airport, the Yeung and Garcia families are growing produce for local markets and global food suppliers like Campbell’s and Mariani. Honoring the heritage of farming, these third generation farmers are up before the sun and still working after it sets in the evening. Learn more about protected open space, and what it means to feed the community, work side-by-side with your parents, siblings and children… and measure your days in acres rather than hours.

Learn more and sponsor upcoming films in this series by visiting our Film Sponsor Donation page. Thank you for your unwavering support during these uncertain times.

A special thank you to the Garcia and Yeung families for sharing their stories and continuing this valuable partnership. Bird photos courtesy of Lisa Couper and Chris Conrad. This project would not have happened without the generous support of our sponsors.

Thank you to our film sponsors.
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