Groundwater Recharge Underway

Did you know that 20-30% of the Sacramento region’s water comes from groundwater? When river flows are high, water is diverted to help restore groundwater storage and can lessen the impact of high flows downstream. In extra dry years, up to 60% of our water may come from underground aquifers, so it’s important to help refill them when we can.

Sherbakoff is part of the Omochumne Hartnell Water District Groundwater Recharge Project and is an ideal location as farmland nestled between the Cosumnes River and Deer Creek.

Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency owns the land, and Sacramento Valley Conservancy holds the Conservation Easement. SVC is one of many partners working to help increase groundwater recharge projects throughout the Cosumnes watershed. Landowners interested in participating in recharge opportunities or learning about the benefits of a conservation easement can contact Steve  at or 916-731-8798 x 505.

Omochumne Hartnell Water District Groundwater Recharge Project

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