Guitere Preserve Protected

grass surrounding a pond

1000 acres of California Tiger Salamander, Vernal Pool Habitat

Sacramento Valley Conservancy now holds a new conservation easement protecting 1,000 acres of California tiger salamander and vernal pool habitat.  Located north of Twin Cities Road and the 1,200-acre SMUD Nature Preserve, this newly protected area provides more area for salamanders to recover—they are a federal and state listed endangered species.  SVC helps manage both preserves.

“This area of southeastern Sacramento County provides a critical recovery area for California tiger salamanders,” said Aimee Rutledge, Executive Director of SVC.  “We look forward to helping make a good home for the salamanders and other vernal pool plants and animals native to California and the Sacramento region. Without our protection and care these special places would not be the best habitat they could be.  There’s not much area left for these critters and plants to thrive.”

SVC also holds other conservation easements and owns other preserves protecting in the nearby area, protecting vernal pools, oak woodlands and creeks, totaling over 7,700 acres.  SVC continues to work with local landowners, public agencies, ranchers, developers, mining companies and other partners to protect many more thousands of acres of land to provide connected, protected landscapes where rare, native plants and animals can thrive.

SVC protected our first 160-acre property in 1997.  We have now protected a total of over 17,000 acres in the Sacramento Region.

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