Help Camp Pollock get a Tiny House


We need a Tiny House for Camp Pollock’s dedicated live-on-site caretaker to maintain this beautiful, historic 11-acre property as a safe and enjoyable space for the community.

Located in the heart of the American River Parkway, Camp Pollock is one of the only safe spaces open to the public daily from sunrise to sunset with river access and no charge to park. The Sacramento Valley Conservancy (SVC) manages this 11-acre property with no dedicated public funding. The grounds are maintained by a live-on-site caretaker and hundreds of volunteers. Our caretaker currently lives in a rusty old trailer, and due to seasonal flooding of the Parkway, has to be ready to evacuate the property within 24 hours notice. A Tiny House is vital for SVC to continue having an on-site caretaker, and will also further our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.

Each year, Camp Pollock hosts more than 7,000 annual visitors, approximately 2,000 of which are under-served minors as part of our Youth Education and Stewardship (YES!) program. SVC promotes outdoor recreation, environmental education, energy efficiency, and Leave No Trace ethics. Camp Pollock is a historic Boy Scout property from the 1920s. SVC continues their traditions by being an outdoor classroom; and in 2016, SVC completed a million dollar renovation to the Myrtle Johnston Lodge. The facility is available for public and private events, which provide a small amount of funding for upkeep but not enough to house a caretaker. Without a full-time staff presence, Camp Pollock would no longer be a safe and enjoyable space for families to experience the outdoors. The property would suffer, degrade, become unsafe, and could be unusable by the public. SVC would be left with the choice of closing the property or reassigning funds from other critical open spaces to save the camp. Either way, the public would lose a valuable piece of the Sacramento natural landscape.

We are in contact with a few tiny house construction companies to find the best fit for our needs, and to use your donated dollars wisely. Thank you for helping us raise the funds to complete this exciting, much-needed project!

Check out our project page on the rapidly growing Conserve With Us platform.

Or make a donation through our secure online portal.

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