Member Appreciation Cowboy Breakfast was a Success!

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SVC is privileged to have a dedicated group of volunteers and supporters. Each year we celebrate their commitment and service to SVC with our Cowboy Breakfast. If you missed the celebration, we missed YOU. Thank you to the dedicated volunteers who bring their energy and passion as they steward and share these special open spaces.

This year we recognized docents with a few special awards. Our volunteers regularly go above and beyond in their roles as docents. Our Camp Pollock Lead Docents Gary and Tom each received the “Fix-It” award for the work they do weekly to help improve Camp Pollock. We also recognized Docents Bill and Greg with the “Fix-It” award, for their hours of dedication to trail maintenance and kiosk improvements in the corral at Deer Creek Hills Preserve. Our “Weed Warriors” are Lisa and Thomas, for their commitment to leading public outings AND the attack against invasive species at Deer Creek Hills. Docent Linda was recognized with the “Golden Boot” for her boots on the ground and in the stirrups. Linda is one of our most dedicated Equestrian Docents, regularly leads outings, trail patrol, volunteers at our annual events and brings the heat with her salsa which she makes for the breakfast each year, and MORE! Thanks to our griddle masters and their spatula slinging skills- Jeff, Greg, Don and Fred!

Special shout out to our generous event sponsors Rosanna Herber 4 SMUD and Supervisor Sue Frost for helping to make this a tasty and memorable event for our volunteers. THANK YOU for supporting open space.

thank you to our generous cowboy breakfast sponsors
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