Native Plant Nursery Sprouting Soon

Native plants at Camp Pollock Sacramento

A new native plant nursery is planned for downtown Sacramento. On March 6th, SVC staff received conceptual approval from the American River Parkway Advisory Committee for what will be the Pollock Native Plant Nursery. This nursery will create positive change in the Sacramento region by providing more native plants for our community and the Parkway. Native plants help restore the vitality of the local ecological system and can serve as bridges and corridors to larger intact native habitats. Native plants are not only beautiful and resilient, they also renew the underground networks that haven been biologically designed for this region. Perennial native bunch grasses drive roots deep into the ground, creating a natural sponge to soak up water, break up soil compaction and sequester carbon. Other plants like Sticky Monkey flowers and Buttonbush provide nectar and nesting habitat for rare and elusive native pollinators. By planting native, the public can participate in the protection and sustainability of California’s ecological resources, right in their own yards!

The Pollock Native Nursery will support the Homegrown Habitat initiative created by California Native Plants Society and will provide additional plants and resources for the public to get involved. It is SVC’s goal to get more than 1,000 native plants from pots into the ground in the first year of being open, but we need your help. Please consider donating ‘seed’ funding to get the native nursery growing in 2020. Volunteers are needed to help with planting, sanitizing pots, irrigation maintenance, weed management and plant sales. If you are interested in becoming a native plant nursery volunteer, contact Program Coordinator Carly Amatisto at or sign-up to receive the latest e-news with notifications about upcoming volunteer dates, plant sales and more!

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