Amador County

Winterport Farm CE

Acres: 175.23

Irrigated Pasture, Winter Wheat, Misc. Crops, Dry Creek

More information:
To see location of all protected properties, click here for link to 21st Century Open Space Vision Map.


Cosumnes River Area

Valensin CE

Acres: 180

Row Crops/Oaks


Dry Creek Parkway Area

Chen CE

Acres: 22


Hansen Ranch CE

Acres: 260

Vernal Pools/Riparian

Hayer 32.8 CE

Acres: 32.8

Row Crops/Uplands

Hayer 4.5 CE

Acres: 4.5

Valley Oaks/Riparian/Uplands

Rio Linda Crk CE

Acres: 16.221



East Sacramento County Area

Deer Creek Hills/Fee-Preserve Manager

Acres: 4062

Blue Oaks/Grass/Riparian

Deer Creek, LLC CE

Acres: 162

Swainson’s Hawk Forage/Irrigated Pasture

Isaac CE

Acres: 183


Keifer Landfill Wetland Preserve

Acres: 243

Vernal Pools/Upland

Laguna Terrace CE

Acres: 293

Vernals Pools (created)/Upland

McKenzie CE

Acres: 34.14

Swainson’s Hawk Foraging, irrigated pasture

SMUD Nature Preserve CE

Acres: 1208

Vernal Pools/Upland

Van Vleck Mitigation Bank

Acres: 775

Vernal Pools/Swainson’s Hawk Foraging/Grazing Land

Westerberg CE II Area B

Acres: 48.07

Row Crops, Swainson’s Hawk Foraging

Westerberg CE II Area C

Acres: 50.95

Row Crops, Swainson’s Hawk Foraging


Sacramento Prairie Vernal Pool Area

AKT 184 CE

Acres: 184

Vernal Pools/Uplands

Kassis Prop/ Fee

Acres: 281

Vernal Pools/Uplands

Laguna CE*

Acres: 31.5

Vernal Pools/Uplands/Riparian


Acres: 50

Vernal Pools/Upland

Sunridge Park Preserve/Fee

Acres: 6.4

Vernal Pools/Upland

Sylva Prop/Fee

Acres: 160

Vernal Pools/Uplands

Triangle Rock CE

Acres: 164

Vernal Pools/Riparian

Werre South/Fee

Acres: 44

Vernal Pools/Uplands


Yolo County

Elkhorn Basin Ranch/Fee (Phase 1)

Acres: 847


Elkhorn Basin Ranch/Fee (Phase 2)

Acres: 835


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