Support Open Space TODAY for Big Day of Giving

Oak at sunset made possible by Big Day of Giving donors.

Create your legacy by donating between April 20 and May 7

Here in the Sacramento Valley, our roots run deep. Our protected landscapes spread wide from the delta to the foothills. And our programs host more than 10,000 people each year to connect with nature and enjoy its beauty.

The region’s Big Day of Giving takes place on May 7, with donations already starting to come in. Thank you to those who have shown their support!

During the COVID-19 crisis, we canceled all public outings, events, field trips, and volunteer workdays in a time that is traditionally our busiest of the year. We have seen a significant drop in donations, and cancellation of all event reservations in the last two months. Staff is busier than ever in search of relief funding to fill the gaps from these losses. We are still working hard to protect open space for endangered critters, climate resiliency and carbon sequestration, recreation, and farms and ranches that provide food security for our families. Especially during this time, please give generously to ensure our work to protect open space continues.

In addition to donating, you can create your own BDOG fundraiser page to amplify SVC’s reach and support base.

There are three ways to give:
  1. Pledge through the Big Day of Giving website now and your donation will be scheduled to post on Big Day of Giving, May 7.
    • This method is the most visible to others, has a potential for match/bonus funding, has the highest processing fee, but the donor can choose to cover the processing fee for SVC.
  1. Donate via credit card or Paypal on our website
    • This method is not as visible, no match potential, but a lower processing fee means more money for open space.
  1. Mail a Check to PO Box 163351, Sacramento CA 95816.
    • This method is also not as visible, no matching funds, but lowest processing fees.

However you choose to give, know that your support is building a legacy of forever-protected natural and working lands. You are making a difference. We can’t say thank you enough!

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