Thank You for Celebrating with Us!

More than 150 open space supporters came to Camp Pollock–the gem on the American River–on October 5 to celebrate the treasures of the Sacramento Valley in support of land conservation, habitat restoration, and stewardship. These causes resonate deeper here in the Sacrament Valley. Whether you know it as the city of trees, a river city, the farm-to-fork capital, or the tone of the nation’s largest agricultural economies, Sacramento and the unique open spaces and riverways are HOME to us all.

At the heart of our mission lies the unwavering commitment to protect open spaces to support food production and as sanctuaries for life. We celebrate the power of partnerships and the strength of our community. It’s about people coming together across boundaries and backgrounds to safeguard the very foundations of life. It’s about understanding that by protecting our natural world, we are ensuring a legacy for our children, where they can breathe clean air, drink pure water, and walk on soil rich.

In our pursuit of preservation, we recognize the people who have cared for and stewarded these lands since time immemorial. We respectfully seek to identify landback projects through partnerships with our local tribes.

Our efforts extend beyond preservation and restoration; they encompass education, recreation, and the arts. Environmental education is the cornerstone of an enlightened society. It empowers us with knowledge, ignites our curiosity, and fosters a deep respect for our surroundings. Recreation opportunities allow us to connect with nature, finding solace in its embrace and strength in its serenity.

The night was filled with warmth, laughter, and a shared commitment to the protection of our precious landscapes. It is an honor to host Treasures of the Valley, and to come together with the people who make our conservation efforts possible.

Live music from The Cat’s Meow set the vibe as guests sampled wines from Bogle, Moniz, and Michael David wineries, craft brew from Oak Park, New Glory and Touchstone breweries, and a variety of delicious finger foods from Chef Zenti Catering. The silent auction was popular with excursion tickets, native plants, swag baskets, framed art, and Patrick McAchren’s Native American art collection. A special thank you to Hedgerow Farms for hosting a native seed booth.

We also want to express our sincere appreciation to our sponsors, docents, volunteers, and everyone who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this event a success. It’s the collective effort of our community that makes a lasting impact. Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to seeing you next year, and on the trails in the meantime.

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